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We recognize our volunteers as invaluable resources to our organization as well as our community and we strive to provide them with support, learning opportunities, fulfilling experiences and appreciation for their hard work. We aim to ensure that our community is served by quality volunteers who represent the vision, mission and values of Mediation Works and uphold our standard of excellence.

Mediation Works seeks to foster a vibrant Volunteer and Intern Program in order to:

  • Enhance the quality of current services provided,
  • Help provide services and other resources Mediation Works otherwise could not offer,
  • Provide support to program coordinators so that they may more effectively accomplish goals,
  • Support community members as they achieve their personal goals as they spread the mission, values, and goals of Mediation Works and conflict resolution,
  • Create a strong support base for Mediation Works in our community and for the people we serve.

For our mediation programs, candidates must have completed a basic mediation training of 36 hours or more.