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Nikolos Peyralans, Young Peacemaker

     Southern Oregon University student Nikolos Peyralans demonstrates an ability to diffuse others' turmoil and confusion, allowing accurate and useful information to emerge. He participates in a variety of community positions that connect cultures, heal the effects of violence, and promote tolerance. Although young in years, Niko has vast experience.

     Fluent in Spanish, Niko uses his language skills to translate for migrant workers in health care settings, sharing pertinent information in a calming manner. He is also trained to understand, respond and prevent the psychological trauma of domestic violence, and he thoughtfully volunteers with Community Works’ Sexual Assault Victim Services and Dunn House.

     Most recently, Niko, who describes himself as a global citizen, has turned his attention to bringing interfaith awareness and understanding to the Rogue Valley.  A board member for his mosque, Masjid al-Tawheed in Phoenix,  Niko works to educate our community about Islam. In presentations to local classrooms and at community events, Niko seeks to debunk myths and maintain a peaceful dialogue with those from other religious traditions.  He teaches by example, modeling open-minded acceptance and genuine respect for others.



James L. Adams, Community Peacemaker

     For just over 20 years, Jim Adams was the Trial Court Administrator for the First Judicial District of Oregon. In this traditionally adversarial setting, Jim has been a beacon for affirming the inherent dignity of all people and a leader in transforming our justice system. Under his administration, the Jackson County Circuit Court created the nation's first Community Family Court, the nation's second Integrated Family Court and Oregon's first Family Drug Court, connecting the courts to the human service, educational and legal communities.

     Statewide, Jim was a member of the Oregon Dispute Resolution Committee Advisory Board that instituted the option of mediation as an alternative to litigation into our court system. Unlike most litigants, adversaries who join in the mediation process know their position is fully heard, come to understand the opposing view and participate in finding creative solutions.

     Among his many accomplishments, Jim was a member of an Oregon delegation that taught judges and attorneys how to conduct jury trials in the former Soviet Union. Nationally, he has participated in “best practices” committees and editorial boards.

     Jim's rare ability to bring long-term thinking and holistic solutions to the discord and violence in our culture continues to bring him well-deserved national and international recognition.


Dee Anne Everson, Community Peacemaker

     Dee Anne Everson grew up in Arizona as one of five daughters, providing her with many opportunities to practice conflict resolution skills.  It was in this fertile childhood environment that she learned the power of tapping into collective wisdom.  Dee Anne has used and expanded these skills in her fifteen years as the executive director of United Way of Jackson County. In our community, she frequently brings together those with divergent views. Then, using her lighthearted manner to build relationships, she facilitates areas of agreement that result in effective solutions.

     A graduate of Stanford University's Nonprofit Leaders Program, Dee Anne is past president of the Association of United Ways of Oregon. In addition, she has been recognized by Oregon Business Magazine as one of Oregon's 50 great leaders. Our local families benefit from her many successes, including her violence prevention work with the Jackson County Meth Task Force, the Jackson County Child Abuse Network (CAN), the Women in Living Leadership Program (WiLL) and United Way's Hope Chest.

       Dee Anne has a fearless ability to see a need, seek out root causes, gather the resources that will shed light on the problem and bring people together to create systemic change.


Mary-Curtis Gramley, Community Peacemaker

     It is not an overstatement to say that Mary-Curtis Gramley is a transformational presence in our community.  Her lifelong dedication to preventing child abuse, violence and neglect has changed the course of many distressed families. Local statistics reveal that a dim outcome curve is now beginning to bend toward the light, and this has much to do with Mary-Curtis. 

     After several years of elementary school teaching, Mary-Curtis received her Ph.D at the University of Oregon in the fields of counseling psychology and early childhood education. She has held faculty positions at the University of Oregon, the University of North Dakota and Southern Oregon University. She was the executive director of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and is the founder and executive director of the Family Nurturing Center. 

     Mary-Curtis combines her gentle manner with a concentrated determination that reverberates among all those she encounters. Her students and staff know her as a resource and a problem-solver. Community agencies know her as a collaborator and creative thinker. Troubled parents and wounded children trust her, opening themselves to her infinite compassion, and to their own capacity to change.






Carol Hwoschinsky, Lifetime Achievement Award 

      As a young child, Carol Hwoschinsky became aware of her own finely-tuned sense of empathy.  She has spent her whole life using this gift to build bridges between adversaries. With graduate degrees in both Special Education and Psychology, Carol has taught and counseled people in challenging situations, drawing strength, from their courage and knowledge of human connectedness.

     In the 1980’s, Carol and three associates formed Conflict Evolution Associates, a group that taught conflict resolution skills throughout California. Upon moving to the Rogue Valley, Carol offered these skills to diverse groups, including the City of Ashland, local Israelis and Palestinians and Mediation Works, where she provided invaluable training and wise counsel to the Board of Directors for well over a decade. More recently, using practices described in a book she authored, Compassionate Listening,  Carol fosters domestic and international understanding by teaching  listening skills to Jackson and Josephine County residents and leading peacemaking trips to high-conflict areas such as the former Soviet Union, Israel, Armenia and the Balkans.

     Carol continues to teach these skills locally and to facilitate groups enmeshed in stressful conflicts, replacing polarity with wholeness and integrity.


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