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October 2014
Dear Friends of Mediation Works,The gift of resolution logo
I remember that in 1979, my mentor theater professor taught our freshman class that the resolution of a play was the coming together of all parts. In comedy the resolution is usually a celebration, often a wedding—the restoration of the community. In tragedy, it’s the time of reckoning when everything—the whole community—the whole world—will never be the same. In comedy and in tragedy, the resolution is a period of greater understanding, of clarity of purpose, of self and communal knowledge about people and the universe; both joyous and terrible.
Mediation Works youth programs use the principles of restorative practices to help young people and those they have impacted with resolution. Like the characters in a play, our youth are brought to resolution following harm and the pain of conflict. Victims of youth crime, and a community of people who have also been impacted, come together for restoration. Sometimes, in this coming together there is laughter, sometimes tears, and almost always there is the power of resolution. For the youth, for the victims, for the community, there is greater understanding and clarity. From this coming together of all parts—the youth, victim and community is restored. This is the gift of resolution.
At the close of November, I will be asking you to give to Mediation Works. We need your financial help to carry out our mission of transforming the way people of southern Oregon manage, resolve, and heal from conflict. We are growing our education and training efforts, working with youth in K-12 schools, and in workplaces and institutions developing conflict resolution skill with adults. Our mediation services serve people, in small claims court, with foreclosure processes, in community and neighbor to neighbor disputes, and with conflict in the family. Our restorative justice partnership with Juvenile Justice has contributed to a ten year downward trend in youth incarceration and recidivism.
Mediation Works is the singular center for dispute resolution in all of southern Oregon. It is here for you and for me, to help us through the fire of conflict and to offer the gift of resolution. You can be part of the gift of resolution by joining the mission of Mediation Works through your giving this November. 
In Good Cheer,
Deltra Ferguson, Executive Director
Mediation Works Dispute Resolution Center of Southern Oregon