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Services are provided for disputes arising between neighbors, landlords & tenants, merchants & customers, including real estate disputes. In cooperation with Oregon Housing and Community Services we offer no-cost mediations for manufactured dwelling park residents.


Provides mediation services for parents and their adolescent children. It allows modeling of conflict resolution and problem solving skills within the family situation, thus reducing the chance for violence and/or runaways. Services are also provided for couples, for adult siblings, or any other adult family configuration.


Offers mediation services to resolve conflicts between employees and/or between employees and management including EEO complaints. Facilitation of challenging meetings and coaching/intervention in high conflict situations are additional services we provide.


Jackson and Josephine County Circuit Courts contracts with Mediation Works to provide mediation services for all small claims and evictions (FED) cases.  Before having a judge hear the case, the landlord and tenant or the small claims parties are first required to try mediating the dispute.


Youth meet weekly with Mediation Works trainers to discuss communication skills, conflict resolution, and decision making processes.  The interactive curricula includes skits and role plays. As a result of this program, youth often request mediation with an adult member of their family.


In cooperation with Community Justice, VAYA works with juvenile offenders, their crime victims, and the community through a restorative process of responding to harm.  The purpose of VAYA is two-fold: (1) to encourage youth offenders to become aware of and address the harms caused by their actions against themselves, their community, and their victims; and (2) support victims of youthful criminal behavior.  VAYA, guided by restorative justice values, will work with the youth in addressing these harms through a six day curriculum, structured support, and, when appropriate, a dialogue between themselves and their victims. 


Mediation Works partners with schools to teach conflict resolution skills to students, faculty, staff and parents through an interactive curriculum. Included in these are our Peer Mediation and Bullying and Harassment Prevention programs. We pioneered Peer Mediation in Jackson County with programs from elementary through high school.

Workplace Trainings

Mediation Works offers training programs covering communication skills, assertiveness, team building and managing conflict for organizations.

Teaches effective listening and communication skills, how to identify and work with different conflict styles, and introduces models for resolving conflict.